Helping leaders, teams and organisations optimise their dynamics to create impactful change & innovation


A shifting and exponential world.

“Of all developments in history, technology has impacted things most. Overcoming first the limitations of our muscles and now our brains”

Andrew McAfee, MIT

We believe that the human potential is the key enabler of sustainable transformation & innovation.

By tapping into deep human skills and looking at the whole system, we help teams & organisations develop & innovate to unlock their full potential & grow.

At the end, transformation & innovation are by people and for people.


“In times of turmoil, the danger lies not in the turmoil itself, but in facing it with yesterday’s logic.”

Peter Drucker

Especially this last year, we are becoming more and more aware of unpredictability and complexity becoming the new norm. We used to talk more than do around this topic, but now our behavior and level of thinking cannot remain unchanged.


Continuous Innovation

Proven framework

Innovation is not an "or" but an "and" game. Combining human centered design, agile and lean start-up principles to enable iterative steps of knowledge.


By people for people

Individual, team and organizational coaching

Using integral & systemic coaching methodologies, to guide teams and organizations in unlocking their potential in order to grow. Building and sustaining  a culture of innovation is the key catalyst to foster successful transformation & innovation.

Every organization is unique in its doing and being. Therefore we offer a bespoke and tailored approach.


Our service

Guiding both the doing and the being


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About Me

Driving system awareness

I started my career at Procter & Gamble, where over the years I led several transformative innovation projects for different business units, both on a global and regional level. Afterwards, I joined Ecolab and overlooked the R&D aspects of EU value improvement program and was an active member of the EU leadership team.

Along the way in my 15yrs of corporate R&D, I discovered that it was not really the chemistry in the bottle that makes me tick but more the chemistry between the people. This stimulated me to become a ACC certified integral and systemic coach and found INN-Gage Pte. Ltd.

Today I help leaders, teams and organisations optimise their dynamics to boost innovation & transformation. I guide this process using my unique combination of 15yrs experience as a corporate innovator and ICF certified ACC integral & systemic coach.Personally, I believe the human factor and relationships are the key in making or breaking transformations & disruptions as innovation down at its core is "by people for people". Driving this awareness is my personal driver.

On a more personal note, I am married to Erika and father of Céleste & Arthur. Next to my family & coaching, I am passionate about swimming, cycling and running and have successfully finished more than 10 marathons, 8 semi ironmans and 1 full distance ironman.


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