People Chemistry Services

Enabling innovation & transformation by people for people


Individual & Team Coaching

Unlock your full potential.

Individual & team coaching trajectory

Accept your own challenge

See what you do not want to see, do what you do not want to do, so you can be who you want to be.

Intense self improvement journey

We work intensively together, as I bring forward my full arsenal of insights and skills to guide & challenge you in your process.

Focusing both internally & externally

We work together both on external objectives (outcome & key results) and internal levels (energy, mission, identity & beliefs). This combination is critical to obtain a sustainable change.

Trust the process

Through an intake session, we check whether there is a match between us. If so, we pin down all objectives in a kick-off session. Throughout the journey we will collaborate closely in both an off- and online setting. We conclude the journey with an in-depth evaluation how the new insights and habits have enabled your individual or team change.


System Awareness Booster

How to grow your systemic awareness as a leader

1/2 day interactive session

Tapping into the systemic brain

We are all educated and brought up with a strong analytical mind. However when certain organizational issues keep repeating themselves; tapping into the systemic brain and assessing the whole can bring new insight to light.

How to untangle limiting patterns

Organizational patterns ensure stability and continuity; however they often inhibit necessary change or innovation. By learning key systemic dynamics we can become aware of these
limiting patterns, untangle them and grow beyond them.

Learn the true system needs and dynamics

Some teams or organizations have that magic spark that sets them apart. Learn how to come in your natural flow as organization by becoming more aware and optimizing the system dynamics of your team & organization.

Enabling system value

As the world is getting more interconnected, companies start to move away from traditional stakeholder value maximization towards a model that not only creates internal profit but also optimizes the external impact & enabling true system value.


Innovation Readiness Check

How to grow your systemic awareness as a leader

1/2 day interactive session

Snapshot on VUCA opportunities & challenges

How to setup yourself up for success and win in a VUCA world. Learn insights on future skills and organisational evolution needs.

Continuous Innovation insights

Learn key innovation frameworks and how to use these at various stages of the business lifecycle.

Introduction to human innovation skills

Within the VUCA world, we will be more and more dependent on key human skills. Get to know these skills and how to master them.

Industry 4.0 readiness check

Obtain a helicopter view of your organizational readiness regarding future skills and organizational needs.


Continuous Innovation Practitioner

Proven framework for creating steps of knowledge vs. leaps of faith

2-3 day interactive workshop

Key fundamentals of continuous innovation

How to assess desirability, viability and feasibility through key models of continuous innovation. Learn how to make continuous progress.

Levers to boost creativity

Equip your team with key levers to boost the creativity at different stages of the business lifecycle.

Boost co-creation and connectivity

Know how to leverage human centered design and lean startup methods to unite multifunctional teams and significantly boost the outcome of the innovation process.

Innovation roadmap

Learn how to trust the process of innovation by creating roadmaps focused on problem framing, solution creation and lean experiments.


Fostering A Culture Of Innovation

How to become an empowered high performing organization

2-3 day interactive workshop

Culture is the game.

Learn the key aspects and impact of an organizational culture. Organizational behavior follows leadership behavior.

North star setting + team alliance

Next to a clear structure a culture needs consciousness. What is the deeper purpose of the organization? What are the enacted values and moving motivators that propel the organization forward?

Investing in people chemistry

In a digital world, true connection will be of great importance . Obtain key insights on how to grow adaptive resilience, create an experimenting organization and boost learning by doing.

Creating culture action plan

At the end of the session, step away with clear action steps on how to foster a culture of innovation.


Transformation Masterclass

Creating the roadmap for sustainable transformations & innovations.

5 day workshop (+ pre-work & follow-up)

Unlock the desire for growth & define the north star

Map out the purpose of the organization, identify the true desire of the organization & co-create the north star.

Build new business concepts & models

Linked to the north star, co-develop new business concepts and models that flow into the transformation roadmap.

Create stakeholder alliance & holding space of trust

Create alliance between the core stakeholders and construct a holding space of trust and safety in which the project team can excel.

Create transformation roadmap

The masterclass will deliver a transformation roadmap focusing both on innovation and cultural transformation to enable sustainable transformation & innovation.


Transformation Journey

Bringing your north star to life.

Mid long term coaching program

Put the roadmap into practice

Put the plan into action by iterative small steps forward in the  spirit of build, measure, learn.

Embody cultural transformation

Leaders go first, embodying the desire for change and growth. Providing the project team with support & guidance throughout the course of the journey.

Continuous coaching and mentoring

The team grows continuously through a series of coaching & mentoring opportunties. This increases the team’s awareness and ability to collaborate and co-create whilst keeping a laserfocus on the project objective.

Significant progression & measurable output

The transformation will enable measurable progress regarding both innovation and cultural transformation aspects.